Cooperation with Associations, Institutions and Organizations

  • Arrangement of technical/popular events, participation to dedicated working groups, detection of productive strategies.

  • Setting up and management of demonstration plots and pilot fields


Consultancy to agrochemical companies

  • Detection and evaluation of relevant problems for the Sicilian agriculture

Citrus woolly white-fly
Citrus Mealybug
Nematodes of horticultural crops
Virosis of horticultural crops
  • Setting up of experimental programs in general and of trials carried out according the GEP (Good Experimental Practices)


  • Setting up and supervision to the building up of new testing facilities abroad


  • Setting up of experimental trials abroad, related monitoring and training of local personnel


  • Supervision of experimental programs for registration purposes carried out by testing facilities


  • Quality Assurance services for GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) to local facilities and to the field phases of experimental trials


  • Set up of demonstrative plots for new products or new positioning of already registered products

Consultancy to Testing facilities

  • Setting up, positioning and supervision to the building up of new site facilities in Sicily


  • Setting up, positioning and supervision of:

  • Experimental programs in general
  • Field tests for the evaluation of agronomical aspects related to the usage of different products, different kind of fertilizers and innovative cultural technics
New products for soilless crops
Innovative plastic materials
Alternative control methodology
  • Evaluation of resistance/tolerance of new varieties to diseases/parasites
Virus tolerance
Nematodes tolerance
Diseases tolerance
  • Experimental trials to be carried out in compliance with GEP (efficacy, selectivity etc.)
Plot chemigation
Selective herbicide
Trips counting
Aphids assessments
Pre-emergence herbicide
High volume applications
  • Experimental trials to be carried out in compliance with GLP (residues, beneficial organisms, environment)
Residue analysis on fruits
Differential analysis on fruits
Effects on beneficial insects in the field
Effects on green-house Bumble-bees
Destiny of products in the soil

Quality Assurance service for the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) of testing facilities and field phases of experimental trials